International Missions

Establish Victory World Missions International of Uganda Fellowship

Our Mission

To work with Bishop Sarapio to help him oversee the fellowship of over 80 pastors, hold conferences, start new churches, build church buildings, establish Bible colleges & primary schools, and other initiatives as the Holy Spirit leads.

Missions Trips to Africa

Our Mission

To travel to Africa to do missions work as the Lord leads.

Build Church Buildings

Our Mission

To assist in the building of church building as the Holy Spirt leads. This includes (2) in Ntungamo, Uganda, (1) on East side of Uganda near D.R. of the Congo, (1) in Kampala, Uganda, and (1) in Mubende, Uganda.

Establish Bible Colleges in Africa

Our Mission

Assist assist  Victory World Missions of Uganda establish Bible Colleges in Africa as the Lord leads.  Presently we have a campus in (1)  Ntungamo, Uganda, (2) Kampala, Uganda, & (3) Mubende, Uganda.  We have a total of 200 students graduating in 2022.

Establish Primary Schools

Our Mission

To establish primary schools as the Holy Spirt leads. Presently, we are planning to start one in Ntungamo, Uganda, in 2022.

Do Radio Broadcasts

Our Mission

To do radio broadcasts as the Holy Spirt leads. Presently, we doing a F.M. broadcast in Uganda which is reaching people in Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, and Tanzania. People are calling in for salvations, healing, deliverance, and encouragement.  Radio program is paid every six months.

Your radio broadcasts are on Sundays @ 8:00 AM EST (4 PM Uganda time).

Here’s a link to the live radio broadcast ==>

Other African Missions Projects

Our Mission

To be involved in other missions projects as the Lord leads. This includes: (1) paying of internet for colleges in four locations, (2) buying transportation, (3) providing funding of translators, (4) providing water towers tanks to service water to various communities, (5) buying chairs for every church building project, (6) providing Bibles in their language, (7) help fund a food ministry by Living Waters Youth Ministry in Kampala, Uganda, and (8) others.

Missions Trips to Costa Rica

Our Mission

To travel to Costa Rica to do missions work as the Lord leads.

Missions Trips to Other Nations

Our Mission

To travel to other nations to do missions work as the Lord leads.