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You can download each file individually or the entire series in one large compressed file when it is completed. Downloads are FREE. Once completed, the entire series will be available on CD. .Simply contact the ministry for details for the CD offer.


This Series Is COMPLETE

(*) indicates a file inserted as a fill in for a week there was no live broadcast. But the file goes along with the series!

NOTE: The intro and closing, along with any time sensitive, copyrighted content, or personal comments are typically removed from these uploads.

  • On 02-21-2018 We aired a special broadcast from Africa

Radio Broadcasts - WVCB1410 AM

We have been airing 30 minute and 1 hour Messages on WVCB1410 AM Gospel Radio From Shallotte North Carolina Since early July 2017 Sunday thru Friday at 8:30 AM. These are the recordings from those broadcasts.

You can find the study notes from this entire series on the Resources/study notes section. Download them from there!

TWO KINGDOM SERIES - Kingdom Of God Verses The Kingdom Of Satan

Please Note. As of January 7th, 2018; Victory World Missions is no longer affiliated with Breath Of Life Ministries North Carolina Branch.