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This Series Is COMPLETE

(*) indicates a file inserted as a fill in for a week there was no live broadcast. But the file goes along with the series!

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  • On 02-21-2018 We aired a special broadcast from Africa

Radio Broadcasts - WVCB1410 AM

We have been airing 30 minute and 1 hour Messages on WVCB1410 AM Gospel Radio From Shallotte North Carolina Since early July 2017 Sunday thru Friday at 8:30 AM. These are the recordings from those broadcasts.

You can find the study notes from this entire series on the Resources/study notes section. Download them from there!

TWO KINGDOM SERIES - Kingdom Of God Verses The Kingdom Of Satan

Please Note. As of January 7th, 2018; Victory World Missions is no longer affiliated with Breath Of Life Ministries North Carolina Branch.